Massage Licensing Program

Our massage licensing program is a comprehensive preparation designed to exceed Washington state requirements to become a licensed massage practitioner (LMP). Our newly revised 651-hour program takes a little over seven months to complete and was modeled after the highly successful curriculum built by Brian Utting.

For some hands-on experience and more information, please contact us here to schedule a tour or inquire about our next Introductory class.

Three Sessions

Bellevue Massage School’s licensing program lasts about 31 weeks and is offered three times per year:

  • Winter Session: January/February to August/September
  • Spring Session: April/May to November/December
  • Fall Session: September to April

Exact start dates may vary, email for additional information.

Class Hours

At Bellevue Massage School, morning or evening sections are offered to fit most schedules:

  • AM Section: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8am to 1pm or
  • PM Section: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm to 10:30pm pm

Saturday Information: In addition to the week day schedule, both sections join together every Saturday for a 9am - 3pm class.

Student Clinic

The Student Massage Clinic portion of the Professional Massage Licensing Program begins in the last part of the program. In the Student Massage Clinic, student practitioners are required to perform 32 massages on the public in a supervised setting. This real-world work experience is vital to refining the progressing massage therapists’ skill set. The Student Massage Clinic is integrated within the M/W/F/Sat schedule at the end of the program, when the student is equipped and ready to begin “on the job” training.

Core Subjects

Over the 40 years that BMS has been preparing students to enter the field of massage therapy, the curriculum has been refined into a solid, comprehensive platform that effectively prepare students to become exceptional practitioners. The BMS curriculum is built around the core subjects of:

  • Massage Theory & Practice - This subject is the heart of the program. The art and science of massage therapy, in all its many facets, is thoroughly covered including: history, draping, indications and contraindications, physiological effects of the six strokes of Swedish massage, advanced treatment skills including myofascial release, deep tissue, MET, trigger point work, and much more.
  • Clinical Practices - This aspect of Massage Theory & Practice addresses human behavior, effective communication skills in relation to working with clients, ethics, proper hygiene and medical terminology.
  • Anatomy & Physiology - This subject investigates the structure and function of the body including the systems of the body and the functions of the organs and glands, as well as the various parts of the skeletal and muscular systems.
  • Pathology - This subject explores the signs and symptoms of common diseases and abnormalities of the various body systems, as well as the relationship of massage to various diseases-including when massage should and should not be used.
  • Kinesiology - This subject covers body movement and how and where muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments interact to create movement at the joints.

Tuition & Other Expenses*

We're pleased that you're considering Bellevue Massage School and are committed to helping make the process as easy as possible for you. Tuition and other costs are outlined here, as well as flexible payment options:

Registration fee $100 (Non-refundable after five business days)
Tuition $11,800
TOTAL $11,900**
Discounts We offer a 5% discount if tuition is paid in full, and $100 discount if you attend one of our Intro Class.
Textbooks $200 (Approximate)
See Required & Recommended Book List
New massage table $500 (Approximate), or
Used massage table $250 (Approximate)

Please Note:
Students are required to provide their own sheets, as well as oils/lotions.

* - Students are required to provide their own linen, oils/lotion and inexpensive scrub style uniform for school.
** - We offer a 5% discount if tuition is paid in full, and $100 discount if you attend one of our introductory classes

Payment Options

We offer discounts and flexible payment options, and some tuition assistance to meet student needs. We accept the Montgomery GI Bill under the VA Tuition Program for veterans and their family members who qualify.

To reserve a spot in an upcoming session at Bellevue Massage School, please complete and return a Registration Form or fill out an online Registration Form along with your $100 registration fee.