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Welcome to Bellevue
Massage School

If you’re considering a career in massage therapy—one of the most rewarding and fastest-growing areas in health care today—selecting the right massage school for yourself is a very important decision.  That’s why we encourage you to explore our Web site, take a tour, meet with our dedicated instructors and staff, and really get a feel for our intimate, independently owned school.  We know you’ll like what you see!

At Bellevue Massage School, we’ve been educating massage practitioners for over 30 years.  Our proven program—from which you can graduate in as little as seven months—offers a challenging and targeted curriculum that is specifically designed to encourage your individual expression and help you to succeed in your chosen career. 

Upcoming Classes

Our next 7 Month Massage Licensing Program begins on Sept 8th, 2014.   

Attending an Intro Class gives you a chance to come check out our campus, helps you to gain a fuller understanding of what the program entails, and presents a chance for you to give as well as receive some hands-on massage. We look forward to seeing you there!


The following are the dates and times for our upcoming intro classes:
Thursday, Sept 4th from 6-9pm

Please call 425-641-3409 to register for this free three hour introductry class.  Additional introductory classes will be scheduled in the future, please call us at (425) 641-3409 for dates and times.

Feel free to Contact our Admissions Department or call us to sign up or for more information: (425) 641-3409.

Earn a living in less than a year doing something you love.  Join the fast-growing world of professional massage therapy, and Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance the quality of your life and of those around you.

Throughout the years, we've consistently adhered to our "tried-and-true" tradition of keeping our class sizes to a minimum. This is one of the main reasons why we've been continually able to provide our students with the most efficient and best possible hands-on, up close and personal training experience that any massage school around has to offer. So registering early and signing up for one of our intro classes is definitely a good idea, as spots in the massage program itself are limited and will sometimes fill up quickly. In addition to ensuring a reserved spot in our upcoming program, we tend to offer substantial tuition discounts to those students who enroll in advance. So don't hesitate to sign up for one of the upcoming intro classes, and please be encouraged to call or email our admissions office and discuss the wide variety of payment plans and methods we have to offer.




Many practitioners in the healing arts have known for thousands of years the tremendous benefits that massage offers humankind. But only in the past 15 years has exciting scientific research formally validated the health-enhancing influence of massage on the human body and mind:

• Physiological changes in the immune system, including an increase in the activity level of "killer cells" and a decrease in the number of T-cells, have been recorded in subjects following massage received during research studies.

• In a review of over one dozen studies utilizing massage, the stress hormone cortisol was found to be lowered by as much as 53 percent. Massage also was found to increase serotonin and dopamine levels, as well as neurotransmitters that help reduce depression.

•Many conditions have been found to respond well to massage, including such diverse ailments as back pain, migraines, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, pregnancy, respiratory tract infections, pain and nausea in cancer, insomnia and childhood eczema.

• Massage also has been found helpful in the cessation of smoking, the reduction of stress and anxiety in children, and the increased success of heart and lung transplants.

And the number of positive-result studies continues to grow!

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